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Mixer 10 canali con effetti e lettore MP3-USB


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DATI TECNICI -Mic Input: 30dBu -Line Input: 21dBu -All other lnput: 22 dBu -Mixer Rated: Output -Main outs: +4dBu

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Mixer audio a bassisima emissione di disturbo CON EFFETTI E DSP INTEGRATO!

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● New ultra-low noise ---- design with highest possible headroom

● 16 studio-grade XDR2? Extended Dynamic Range mic preamps with:

● Ultra-wide 60dB gain range

● 130dB dynamic range

● +22dBu line input handling

● Extended low frequency response

● Distortion under 0.0007% THD (20Hz - 20kHz)

● Phantom power for studio condenser mics

● 16 high-headroom line inputs (1 stereo pairs, 16 mono)

● Advanced DC pulse transformer RF rejection

● 60mm long-wearing logarithmic-taper faders

● 4 x 2 Matrix Mixer

● provides 2 additional mixes for cry rooms, monitors, etc.

● 1 Aux sends, level, pan, -20dB/Solo and OL/Mute LEDs on each channel

● 1 stereo Aux returns, 32 Direct outs,

● 1 stereo Group/Bus outputs

● 4-band Active EQ with sweepable midrange on mono channels

(High :12KHz High mid:2.5kHz Low mid:400 Hz Low:80 Hz)

● 2-band Active EQ on stereo channelsStereo channel EQ

(High 12KHz Low 80 Hz)

● 18dB/oct. 75Hz Lo-Cut filter on mic channels

● Control Room/Phones multi-input source matrix with separate level controls

● Balanced 1/4" inputs and outputs (except inserts)

● Sealed rotary controls to resist dust and grime

● New Multi-Voltage power supply for worldwide use

● Rugged steel chassis

● Built-in 24 bit tongsound digital effects processor

● 2*16 FX settings Tap Tempo



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